June 27, 2017


Welcome to Dreamnet.com’s Clips For Sale

We have opened Dreamnet Clips for sales. This is a site where girls from Dreamnet.com and around the web can sell individual video clips. Currently only videos from our old site have been imported over, but in the future you’ll see Flash previews and much more!

Dreamnet.com History

Dreamnet.com has been online since 1997 as a source for the woman next door to express her sexuality on the Internet. Dreamnet is one of the oldest Adult Amateur websites on the Internet. Dreamnet provides women and couples a place on the web to live out their fantasies and enjoy their sexuality without having to worry about all the technology. Over the years hundreds of women have had websites on Dreamnet, at any given time we have approximately forty women as part of the Dreamnet family. Women come and go over time , however, we have many women that have been with us for 5 or 10 plus years.

So what is a typical Dreamnet woman? We pride ourselves on giving the normal everyday mother, wife or girl next door a place online where she can live out her sexual fantasies and enjoy the feedback of men who appreciate her beauty. We have women of all ages, shapes and sizes and have learned over the years that personality reigns supreme. We highly stress interactivity with our fans, we want the fans to feel as if they are part of Dreamnet and not just bystanders looking at pictures and videos. We offer several means for the women to interact with their fans; email, public forums, public chat, Twitter and webcam. Many of the women also use blogs, take phone calls and host Meet & Greets for their fans. Our mantra has always been 80% personality and 20% looks, that is what makes for a successful adult amateur woman on the Internet.

What will you see when when visiting Dreamnet.com? We allow the Women of Dreamnet to use their creativity and operate their sites how best suits them. Unlike other amateur networks online we do not force the women into a certain template, nor do we impose a set of strict rules on them. Every woman is different and we want them all to use their creativity and express their individuality. Each woman has 1000’s of pictures on her site and lots of video, plus quite a bit of free content. In addition to pictures and video Dreamnet women can produce and sell video clips, this is rare in the amateur market and is something unique to our network. Every woman writes stories for her picture sets and videos which provides the reader an insight into her personality. We also allow the Dreamnet visitor to view each woman’s full biography and blogs for free!

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Should you have any questions about Dreamnet.com please contact Rob .