June 27, 2017

Dream Lovers Reunited

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Length: 36:00 minutes | Price: $15.00

Website: www.rebeccasoffice.com

Title: Dream Lovers Reunited

Description: (Dreamnet Clips Exclusive – Mobile Compatible): You often hear the stories of long lost lovers, two people who were made for each other, but for some reason, fate just gets in the way. Almost a decade ago Rebecca and the Knight crossed paths for two incredible encounters. Those scenes have become classics on the Web. If you’ve seen these videos, you will know that there is a chemistry between these two that can’t be duplicated. For some reason, life, work, distance, jealous lovers, or whatever, the two have had trouble getting back together.

You know they say that absence makes the cock grow stronger. The Knight happened to be in town for a convention and called Rebecca who somehow was available for dinner. Rebecca promised her husband that nothing was going to happen and if it did, she was going to make sure he used protection. As soon as the two met at the restaurant you could see the sparks fly. This was going to be much more than a dinner reunion. The two couldn’t keep their hands off each other and both admitted that they were nervous seeing each other again. It was like seeing your high school sweetheart and lover at a reunion.

When they got back to the room, the lights went on and both of them giggled like little kids. What you will see in this video is the initial session of the night. The cries of a woman who knows that she has been missing this man’s touch so much that her body shakes as his hands glide over her body. She then forgets what she said and takes his bare cock in her pussy as it pulls her inside out. And how do you know it is real? Listen to how wet Rebecca gets and then watch as she squirts all over his cock and then licks it off.

Did we mention this is just the first scene? This scene was done with full hot lights and both a videographer and Rebecca’s husband in the room. Both stars admitted that they were slightly nervous and wanted to spend some time alone. We know what you guys really want. In future scenes you will want to see what happens when first, the pro lights go off, then her husband leaves, and then the videographer leaves. Later that eve, Rebecca’s husband and the videographer were stuck wandering the hallways because you could hear Rebecca screaming in the room as the other people on the floor were looking around to hear what was going on.

Yes, these two are back together to show you how interracial amateur royalty look together. We won’t have to wait too long to see more from them.



  • ondinelm

    What a Milf!!! Rebecca is amazing as always (what can i say, I am a fan). Hot sex as usual, there is definitely a chemistry there.

  • Anonymous

    Visually… MUCH higher quality than her previous videos… Siskel said ‘What a Milf!!!’… Ebert agrees but is still patiently waiting for part II. Either way, I think we’re both the same pair of muppets with the 2nd best seat in the house;-)

    Two hand puppets up! Perfect score if the cameraman could sit still but who can blame him for getting fidgety.

  • pete

    i wish she posted video content on her site more often that would justify the cost per month if she posted videos once every 2 weeks i would easily pay 30 per month (p.s) the one on one content (with no cameraman) is better the sex is more natural without a third person in the room thats why i had originally joined the site

    • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

      The site gets once video per month. I can’t keep everyone happy unfortunately. These videos on this site includes other people who must be compensated or don’t want to be on the site where others get memberships. I have many people who prefer photos as that is how I started.

  • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

    You guys are funny. Well gentlemen, not all my men want to be in video. Those who are professional will do higher quality but having hot lights and people walking around your bed is weird to me. I do prefer the lights down low sex when I am just in a room alone with my guy. Most of the videos you see in this clips section is with people who need to be paid so that is why they aren’t in the member’s area, but this separate video area. I am not a professional and have sparse time. I wish I could get out and do videos every day! But I can’t. :( Thanks guys for being great fans. Love your support!