June 27, 2017

Rebecca’s 1st Time Gone Black (Part 1)

Keywords: Rebecca, MILF, brunette, blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, hotel, 69, interracial

Length: 32:57 minutes | Price: $15.00

Website: www.rebeccasoffice.com

Description: (Exclusive only to Dreamnet Clips and over 30 minutes long!) Well this lost tape was found in the attic and is a classic.  Everyone wants to know what it is like when a woman has an extramarital affair for the first time. Well you get it all on this tape.  Rebecca has her first extramarital affair. It is her first time gone black as well.  You get to see her first kiss.  Then Watch how her eyes just light up the first time she lays her eyes on his cock.  She does not hesitate and puts in right into her mouth. We also noticed that she spent just under a minute kissing before her she gave in and went to the bed.  As, you can see, Rebecca could not control herself and was a natural. Remember, we all know Rebecca now, but this was from 2003! You are seeing the birth of a real MILF.

So if you ever wonder if you could have an affair or what it would be like to see your wife’s face the first time another man puts his cock deep inside her, just pretend it is you behind the camera as you watch Rebecca.  So you now know what happened to Rebecca, just imagine what would happen to you or that woman in your life when she first gets her taste of something else.



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  • Zcarfan77

    Fantastic clip of a white wife surrending her married pussy to a black man. More early (natural) clips please, these are far superior to the later ones. post them all, i’ll buy every one!!

  • Zakkyzak

    wish he anally fingered you, but you were more tame then. prefer newer stuff when you’re more curvy lol

  • JerryS

    So hot to watch a woman take her first black cock so willingly. The evolution of Rebecca has been incredible.