June 27, 2017

Rebecca is Never Going Back (Part 2)

rebecca-054Keywords: MILF, SLUT. Interracial, Voyeur, Hidden Camera, Model, Naked, Video, Exhibitionist, Creampie, Cowgirl, blowjob

Length: 17:21 minutes | Price: $15.00

Website: www.rebeccasoffice.com

Title: Rebecca is Never Going Back (Part 2)

Description: (Dreamnet Clips Exclusive – Mobile Compatible): This is part 2 of the third party video taken a few years ago, but send to me by the person who found it and recently  shared it with me.  With his permission I am giving you more information about the video by sharing the email he sent along with the video (I have edited it to protect some private info).

Dear Rebecca,

I can’t believe I finally found you. I have attached a video I took at the XXXXXXXX Inn a few years back. I believe the woman in the video is you (my apologies if it is not you, but I’m pretty sure it is). I am not sure if you remember me but I was the guy who got you some towels and a glass of water.

I remember meeting a guy in the hallway, who I would later find to be your husband, who saw my camera and told me I should go to the room across the way to see some hot action. When I peeked in the window and saw this huge black guy carrying you across the room and seeing that you were drunk with passion, I took out my camera and caught all the action. I was amazed to hear your moans and then when I entered the room it was like you didn’t even look at me because you were oblivious to anything as this man controlled your body. I remembered at one point leaving the room so your husband and others could get around the bed and you told your husband to leave. Then when he left, I re-entered the room and heard your lover tell you he was going to take off the condom and cum inside you. I could tell you were scared and hesitated but said, “okay”. I was instantly aroused and wondering who you were. The way you obeyed his every command and begged for his him turned me into an interracial fan forever. Later I was fortunate to be in the room after your lover came in your ass and he told me to get some towels for the two of you. I was surprised that you two did not even know each other’s names and that you had let a complete stranger cum in your ass and pussy. I watched as you two put each other’s contact info in your phones. I was going to get your contact information later so I could send these videos to you but when I came back later, the lights were out and the door was locked. I could barely make out that you had maybe 2-3 men on the bed with you, but your husband told me I needed to go.

I am so glad that I finally found you. Please let me know if you ever need me to take video again. I would love to capture that raw emotion again.

Your Fan,



  • AB

    Looks like it’s fixed now… The first version cut off just before the finale, but now it’s been added back in. Fantastic series. Great camera work, great energy, and great chemistry. I found this to be one of your best adventures yet!

    • cheesepussy

      Great bull work making hubby penis look like an ant’s (lol)