June 27, 2017

Rebecca Is Taken

1243-smallKeywords: interracial, Rebecca, brunette, MILF, bbc, cheating, insemination, cuckold

Length: 23:50 minutes | Price: $15.00

Website: www.rebeccasoffice.com

Title: Rebecca Is Taken

Description: (Dreamnet Clips Exclusive – Over 20 Mins.): Every once in a while Rebecca’s lovers plan a little surprise to keep her from getting too comfortable.  They’ll arrange to find out where she will be and then take her totally unprepared.  On this particular occasion, Rebecca’s husband and one of her lovers planned a special occasion.  For her husband’s birthday, they wanted to see how Rebecca would react when totally unprepared.  Rebecca had planned to take her husband to Vegas for a 2-night party.  What she did not know is that she was going to be the party and this video would be his present.

What happened?  When they got to their room, they got dressed for a fancy dinner.  While they were at dinner, Rebecca’s husband left a key for her lover and his friend.  They hid in the closet when the couple arrived back to their room.   Once back in the room, Rebecca’s husband said he was going downstairs to gamble for an hour and perhaps she could get ready. When he left the room, Rebecca’s lover quickly turned off the lights and they jumped her.  Rebecca had little time to react as he shoved himself deep down her throat.  With his hands around her neck, he then rode her from behind and yanked on her hair as our favorite MILF obeyed his every request.  Rebecca was so unprepared for his takeover, she had not even had a chance to provide protection as her intruder forced himself deep inside her unprotected womb.

Finally her lover revealed his identity and Rebecca gleefully begged for him to cum again.  Her lover’s accomplice captured this encounter for her husband’s birthday video and now for you all to see.



  • Pooper

    Bet his brown tongue went deep into her brown hole <3

    • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

      sure did

  • Rapist on BAIL

    No previews? Not gonna just purchase something that I have no idea of how good the scene will be

    • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

      Sorry, too many stolen materials out there. If you want free stuff there are lots of other places to go.

      • Ozzie Klunk

        Maybe he is simply wondering if this video was shot from a distance from a stationary camera in poor light or if it was produced in a higher quality like Dream Lovers.

        • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

          This was not done on a tripod. HIs friend videotaped. We don’t use bright light. It is to annoying and distracting for me. Sorry…remember, I’m an amateur, not a professional porn star.

      • Analingus

        I don’t see why a 10-20 second preview would be of benefit to steal?
        There are plenty of full video clips that have been stolen & uploaded to xvideos etc without you taking action because they’re still there

        • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

          They’ve been removed for copyright

      • Dumper

        Plenty of your full clips out on the net. Why you worried about a 30 second preview ?

        • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

          Not worried. I’m just an amateur model. Videos are taken and sent in. I don’t edit them. If someone wants a preview clip, then Dreamnet is the one you should talk to. Send them an email. This video and others on Dreamnet clips don’t have previews and many have purchased.

  • JerryS

    So hot. This is my 8th video of yours that I’ve purchased and the sex is so real and steamy. Thanks Rebecca

  • raven5655

    Missionary position involved? (my favorite). If yes I’m definitely buying.

    • RebeccaPearBum

      Yes, too much of it though. More bum licking / fingering needed from cowgirl & reverse cowgirl drive lol

      • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

        LOL! Well, see that is why I don’t let people stand around the bed when having sex. Too much directing. I’ll let my guys know that. I prefer a cock over a finger though.

  • Gambino

    Rebecca, I’d like to inform you that this video isn’t set to purchase. Anyone can simply click “already purchased” and download the full 23:50 movie.

    • RebeccaPearBun

      It’s been like that for weeks (since release) oh dear! <3

  • madhatter

    I love watching Rebecca in action. This clip and the one called hotel slut from her site are some of my favorite porn videos they contain the elements I look for. A beautiful women, a dominant guy, hot dirty talk and some of the hardest most brutal sex you’re likely to see. I don’t know how she can take it sometimes but I’m very glad Rebecca likes it and am very grateful she shares them with us. Long may it continue…

  • OtherLover

    Rebecca gives herself totally to her black lover. When you hear her say, “I love you, baby! I love you, baby!” and “I’m a good white bitch. I’m a good white bitch.” with her legs in the air and her feet dangling to the side, you know that there isn’t anything she won’t do to keep that big black cock inside her. Good stuff! (so to speak)

    • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

      I am so glad you liked it. Thank you!