June 27, 2017

Rebecca’s Interracial Breeding

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Length: 32:27 minutes | Price: $15.00

Website: www.rebeccasoffice.com

Title: Breed My Wife: Rebecca’s Interracial BreedingTaken

Description: (Dreamnet Clips Exclusive – Over 30 Mins.): When Rebecca started with us almost 10 years ago, her husband told us to be patient as she was a very conservative woman and it had taken several years to convince her to even get her to let him show her breasts to other men online.  Since then he has gotten her to open up and try new things.  One of the craziest is her famous foray into interracial sex.  Her husband has told us that the most amazing thing about watching Rebecca is to know that she always tells her husband that she is going to practice safe sex, but within 5 minutes she has lost control and is begging for the guy to take her harder and to remove the condom.  He told her that sometimes her lovers have to put their hand over her mouth because she screams so loud!  We have to warn you to turn the sound down before watching this video as she and her lover engage in some pretty intense 69 and anal sex.  There is no doubt that there is no acting in this video.  It is as raw as you can get.  Hearing Rebecca scream made us squirm in her seats as he eased his huge cock into her ass.



  • 69er

    Cheap move. Most of this video is taken from another available clip. Bit cheap to re-upload the whole video and charge $15. Buyers should be warned beforehand. Won’t be buying again unless I know for sure it’s new material. No more re-hashs please!

    • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

      Brand new. Same room.

      • 69er

        Sorry Rebecca you’re wrong. The middle section is the SAME as one that is already on the site. The part of you on top is OLD material. I’ll dig up the title for you. All you’ve done is added the extended section with a bit more at the start & end. Fact. Bad business. Trust me I’ve downloaded all the videos. I’ll dig up the title and then you (and others) will see. It’s happened before with other snippets. Not good.

        • http://www.rebeccasoffice.com RebeccasOffice

          I see what you are saying and this is NOT the same. There were 2 cameras and that other movie might be a snippet but is different and this is much longer. That is why it is here and not in my member’s site. There is no deception intended here. Sorry you feel like you have a vendetta. There is no intention to deceive anyone and if something has been a repeat of material in my members area, I have stated as such. I have given previews of some movies here in my members area. If you have that other video let me know. Send me a personal email and if so, I’ll give you a full refund if you are a member in good standing. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have always been fair with my members. If you feel that I have deceived you, please feel free to change your memberships, because I am always fair with them.

          • big fan

            This is a VERY familiar clip and a pretty unappealing money grab … I’m glad people called you out on it.

    • hotnut

      The guy that runs the Dreamnet site does the same thing with his wife’s site
      .He re posts old videos and calls them remastered and wants you to buy monthly subscriptions to a site that constantly runs old material.

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  • Manny

    Let’s make an interracial movie at my place in Jacksonville, Florida where there will be NO DOUBT it’s Original material.


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